Easter School 2014 in UK !!! Last chance to book your place!!!

Easter School: 30th March to 19th April 2014

For 8 to 17 year old international students our Easter Course offers the perfect taste of life in the UK at this wonderful time of year.

·          20 hours of English per week
·          Trinity College Spoken English Exam (98% pass rate)
·          Two full day excursions and three half day excursions
·          Museum and attraction entrance fees
·          Full Afternoon and Evening Activity Programme
·          All course materials including ‘A Slice of Britain’, BOSS Diary
·          Full board accommodation with en suites for 132 students
·          Student travel insurance
·          Student travel insurance
·          Laundry service

·          £650/week 

MORE INFORMATION info@thestudynet.com


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