English For Medical Professionals (EMP)

English for Medical Professionals (EMP), starting on 15th June 2015 in London

This intensive, one-week course will provide experienced medical professionals with the practical communication skills they need to operate successfully in an English-speaking environment.

The course focuses primarily on communicating with patients, but also with fellow medical professionals. 
Areas and skills covered include:
  • taking a medical history 
  • conducting physical examinations
  • breaking bad news
  • dealing with problematic patients
  • effective patient handover

Course dates (2015)
15th – 19th June 2015
24th – 28th August 2015
26th – 30th October 2015  
Course fees (2015)
(Lunch at the school is included in all course fees)
  • £1250/week

More information anamaria@thestudynet.com


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